Jingles are the only way on the radio to promote your products

Jingles and their lyrics have vaulted countless companies and products to worldwide fame, because they’re 400 times more effective than a commercial that’s simply spoken. While you’re innocently tapping your foot to a jingle and its lyrics, it’s communicating a message disguised in a melody that you’ll remember, and it’s giving life and personality to products normally regarded as ordinary, boring household items. Suddenly, these products are transformed into amazing inventions that you desperately and immediately want. And, much like nursery rhymes, remembering a product is easier when it’s associated with a catchy tune and simple, memorable lyrics. Amazingly, this technique can help us remember things for more than 20 years.

1. Build branding for your company. Nothing reinforces your image like a consistent, quality message. With Push Button’s jingle team, we’ll make a quality, catchy tune that’ll have your customers singing happily as they walk in your store!
2. Cost Effective. In the long run, Push Button’s jingle will prove its value. Instead of paying huge sums of money every month for a new commercial, your jingle stands the test of time and continues to impress months after it first hits the airwaves. With a simple update in copy, you can keep it fresh all the while keeping your audience updated as to what your company is promoting that particular month or week.
3. It’s a great word. Is there a cooler name than jingle? We think not.
4. Easy to remember. You know what it’s like, you get a song stuck in your head and all day long you’re singing it. Just imagine when a potential customer is singing about your business all day long!
5. They’ve stood the test of time. Jingles have been around since 1923, right around the time that commercial radio came to the public. 80 something years later, we feel like we do justice to this age old practice, let us prove it to you!

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